Friday, February 10, 2017

Book Review: Evergreen: Living with Plants

It's still frigid here in the Northeast, and every year about this time, I start getting the itch to travel to warmer climates. Since I don't see a trip in my future, I rely on my vicarious journeys through reading to help transport and inspire me all at the same time. Gestalten just published Evergreen: Living with Plants, and let me tell you - it's been an amazing getaway.

From rooftop gardens and flora-laden balconies, to elaborate private gardens creating secret paradises in unassuming backyards, there are hundreds of awe-inspiring, beautiful photos of the beauty that can be created from those who find joy in the art of gardening. When I think of urban gardening, I tend to have these pictures of old tires painted by school children, filled with geraniums and marigolds, and perhaps a volunteer-built raised garden with unruly, forgotten tomato bushes. But these patches of hidden beauty and not so hidden beauty go far beyond that to full scale urban projects centered around horticulture. Take a look:  

Of course, the book is more than just architectural and urban garden design, it also tackles the addition of plants to interior design, with custom blueprints of plants that thrive in dark, shadowed corners, and those that require almost no attention at all. (Sign me up, please!) Evergreen: Living with Plants is a great book for both the professional designer, avid gardener with a healthy green-thumb, and the burgeoning hobbyist. It's the perfect guide for inspiring anyone with a love for nature, getting their hands in the soil, and spending some time with beauty in a garden they helped to create. Take a closer look, and pick up your copy via the Amazon link below:

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