Friday, February 10, 2017

Book Review: Jane Packer's Flower Course

I've always been an advocate for fresh flowers in the home. Whether it's a simple vase of tulips you pick up for $7 at the grocery store, an elaborate florist bouquet you receive as a kind gesture, or something handpicked from your own flower garden, corralled together in your favorite container - there is something undeniably brightening about those petals. Frequently, I will go to my local Trader Joe's and pick up a mix of things for under $20, and come home to work a little magic and create a florist inspired bouquet of my own. That's when having books like Jane Packer's Flower Course comes in handy! 

Jane Packer Flowers is one of London's best-known elite florists. The bouquets are distinctive, elegant yet refreshingly modern. The prestigious company supplies flowers to hip boutique hotels, designer stores, and offers a highly regarded four-week career course to students who are lucky enough to travel to London and learn from her genius. In this book, published by Ryland, Peters and Small, Jane Packer covers the same ground as you'd find if you took her course, helping to make you a much better floral arranger! From party and wedding flowers, to small arrangements and floral gifts, to dried hangings - it's all here in beautiful step-by-step photography and easy to follow instructions! Let's take a look: 

Honestly, the book is a must for anyone who enjoys beautiful flowers and DIY floral arrangements. It's an impeccably detailed resource for getting it right, each and every time, and bridging on what great skills you already have - to make you a more confident and well-rounded floral designer. And really, who doesn't want to be the envy of all of your friends when you can make $18 worth of flowers from Trader Joe's, look like a $250 bouquet from the local high-end florist and design shop? Give it a look, and grab a copy for yourself via the Amazon link below: 


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