Thursday, February 2, 2017

Book Review: The Italian Dream: Wine, Heritage, Soul

Here we are again, new month - new book review. 

The Italian Dream: Wine, Heritage, Soul authored by Gelasio Gaetani dAragona Lovatelli, with photography by well-known globetrotting photographer Aline Coquelle, was recently published by Assouline, maker of the finest, luxury coffee table books. I'm not Italian, but have dreams of one day visiting this magical place that pictures often portray as a sort of second heaven. 

Lovatelli is a member of one of the oldest aristocratic Italian families, and together with Coquelle, he spent three years traveling the Italian countryside, sampling the country's best wines and taking in the scenic beauty of Italy, photographing the journey to present to the world in this impressive coffee table book. 

The photos and stories Lovatelli and Coquelle gathered during their three year journey fill the 372-pages of the book almost like a well organized scrapbook. Vignettes of the countryside next to photos of elegantly effortless dinners, followed by story after story told by passionate Italians who embrace their history, and their wine! Let's take a look, shall we?

It's no surprise, The Italian Dream: Wine, Heritage, Soul is an escape into the beautifully charming Italian lifestyle, the delectable food and wine, the passionate people and the awe-inspiring scenery from the southern seaside, to the heart of Rome, to the villages of Tuscany.

If you're a lover of fine food, fine wine, and fine books about fine living - this book has to be on your must-have list. I desire a trip to Italy more fiercely than ever before, and can't wait to use this book as a sort of insiders tourist guide for the best places to discover the "true" Italy. Take a further look, and purchase the book via the Amazon link below: 


  1. Divino! Thanks for promoting Italian culture and printed media!

  2. Looks fantastic, love the images and of course I love Italy..

    ciao ciao lisa