Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Book Review: Scandinavia Dreaming

For those of you familiar with Nordic design, or what we all think of as traditional Scandinavian design, you know that there is a strange dichotomy in their design aesthetic. Scandinavia Dreaming: Nordic Homes, Interiors, and Design tackles the uniqueness of the interiors and rich variety of architecture of Nordic design in dreamy, brilliant photos that feature the light, open, beautiful and deeply creative spaces. 

Scandinavian design is all at once modern and minimalist, while still being stylish, traditional, and elegant. Architecture is typically at one with nature, with large windows that let as much light as possible in during their short winter days. The history of this aesthete dates back to original Nordic homes, but thanks to brilliant young minds now asserting their footprint on design and architecture in Scandinavia, there's a whole new world of work. Something that blurs the lines between the balanced and stylish antique work of their predecessors, and a new modern take on these historic classics. Let's take a look:

Scandinavia Dreaming is a wonderful book for those interested in interiors, architecture and design. There's a wealth of inspiration and delightfully playful solutions in the book thanks to the skilled craftsman and Nordic creatives who have established a signature style that is coveted the world over. 

Take a closer look and pick up your own copy via the Amazon link below: 


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