Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Instagram Love

I'm not sure if any of you have bought into the instagram hype, or if your fascination with it as deep as mine seems to be, but every once in a while I really just get so excited by it. For the blog, I've used instagram to grab pictures that have yet to be published, and to track down the right story for a post. Many of you are kind enough to follow me, and you get to see little snapshots of the apartment on there, and it builds a wonderful little community of people - new friends and opportunities! 

Recently, my friend Joan who blogs at fortheloveofahouse gave me a little shout out on her instagram page

Joan is such a sweetheart for sharing this with her followers, and many of the people who liked this post have popped over to my instagram and have started to follow me. It's a big circle of love, people! 

Then, yesterday I get notifications that none other than Eddie Ross, designer and author of Modern Mix: Curating Personal Style with Chic and Accessible Finds had liked nearly all of my instagram posts! 

Yeah! So that happenend! In real life! And I'm giddier than a 12-year old about it, and I won't make any apologies! Eddie is the master of all things vintage and antique, and his nose for finding amazing treasures at thrift stores and flea markets is unparalleled.

He found this set of furniture at The Velvet Shoestring, a Mainline consignment shop in Wayne, Pa., where he and partner Jaithan have purchased a home they're renovating. But he finds amazing stuff in New York City, and I'm tempted to ask him for a list of places to go since I'll be in the city at the end of the month for a few days.

He scored these down filled chairs for $100 each at "a neighborhood thrift shop" in the Upper East Side. There had to be tons of other great stuff there! Not that I even need 1 more thing for my apartment, or another project to undertake. Right now Cross Bottles are my biggest priority, and then finishing the apartment by turning my studio space into a bonafide guest room! That should be exciting!

Anyway, if you're not already on instagram maybe you should look into it! You never know who you're gonna connect with! Talk soon!


  1. If Eddie shares any NYC sources with you, please share them with us! I live in the city and am always looking for some good shopping spots.


  3. People are all praises for the world of social media and going totally gaga over the mediums, but i think that life was much simple before them. Now its all about trying to impress each other.