Monday, July 24, 2017

Book Review: Out East: Houses and Gardens of the Hamptons

If you only buy one book to add to your collection of interior design and coffee table books this summer, it better be Out East: Houses and Gardens of the Hamptons by Jennifer Ash Rudick with photos by Tria Giovan. Every single page is more stunning than the last, and it is inspiring on every single level. 

Whether you have an interest in gardening, interior design, vignettes and tablescapes, architecture, or all of the above, I promise you will be thoroughly satiated by this book. I have so much to say about Out East, but before I go on and on, I want to start with some photos. Let's take a look inside shall we?

Incredible, right? And that's only a tiny sampling of the more than 30 homes and gardens featured in the 328-page volume. The book is incredibly beautiful, wonderfully laid out, and an informative and educational read. Author Jennifer Ash Rudick is a native Floridian, but has lived in Southampton for years with her husband and their two children. An already celebrated author with three books under her belt, Jennifer presents a fresh perspective on the Hamptons, an insiders scoop if you will, as she walks us through some of Long Island's most glamorous spaces under roof and sky. 

Houses designed by interior designers like Jeffrey Bilhuber, Tom Scheerer, Muriel Brandolini, Robert Couturier and Daniel Romualdez range from delightful cottages to sprawling shingled mansions, and gardens span from formal and manicured to wispy and organic. Still, with all of the different styles featured in architecture, decor, and gardenscape - there's a common thread holding all of these properties together, and that's the feeling of relaxation. Without a doubt, Tria Giovan has captured the Hamptons as the most peaceful and contented place on earth.

You may remember the recent architectural digest feature on "Woody House" with photos taken by Tria Giovan. Woody House is smartly featured in Out East, with additional photos and far more information on the decoration of the house, the process and the inspiration. So if you were a Woody Fan, and so many of us were, you'll be overjoyed by the multi-page layout of Woody House in Out East.

Brilliant and beautiful, I highly recommend you pick up a copy for yourself. Check out more of the book and purchase via the amazon link below:


  1. This book looks fabulous! I cannot wait to check it out.

  2. Ooohhhh! I put it on my Christmas wish list!!

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