Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorite Instagrams

Well, here we are again - the end of another week. I've been working like a mad man on a little surprise backyard redo for a friend of mine who has been in Costa Rica the last few weeks. Before he left, I told him that I would be happy to take care of his yard while he was gone - free of charge. Sweet friend that he is, he left me $200 to buy flowers and pots to help give the yard a little something extra.

I've worked with him on the inside of his house - so he trusts my instincts, but what he doesn't know is that I seized pots and patio furniture from CDLV (Scott isn't using it, so what the heck!) and have "gifted" a few other things to really change the look of the whole place. I'll share those pictures early next week - but to start the Friday off right, I wanted to share my favorite Instagram posts from this week.

Enjoy, and HAPPY WEEKEND! 


  1. I have always loved your style and enjoy your blog, however, I feel compelled to comment on your choice to use the word "rape" in the context of designing a back yard. There are so many other words that you could have chosen that do not connote a violent and heinous act. I know that in the english language it can also mean plunder, which I assume is how you meant to use it, but in today's culture, that is not the first use of the word that comes to mind.

    I only ask that in future posts you take a moment to consider the power of your words and how they are received, despite best intentions, and perhaps use an alternative word to make your point.

    I look forward to reading more on your blog and seeing the results of your garden makeover for your lucky friend!

    (PS-I am only submitting as anonymous as that is the only option that I can post under, not trying to hide behind it.)

    1. Hi Anon,
      I agree that words are powerful, and I thank you for commenting on the blog. I think that contextually, the use of the word "rape" was one I used in the archaic form, meaning to seize, as I was talking about raping a yard for terracotta pots and patio furniture.

      I do agree though that the connotation of the word can drive a different image altogether so I've changed the sentence structure and used the word seize.

      Again, thanks for your comment.