Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tufted Inspiration: Vicente Wolf

Interior Design by Vicente Wolf

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  1. Artie,
    ANOTHER great post! I've always admired his work- and, when I lived in NYC, back in the 80's, I interviewed with him at his space in north Chelsea- it was in a warehouse type building in the 20's- I was a little too "green" for him- and did not have a lot of hard core NY experience at the time-plus my portfolio was quite "trad" not the chic modern look VW promotes- anyway- he was one of the designers whose work I followed before I moved to the city, and back then he was partnered with Bob Patino, so the firm was called "Patino-Wolf" probably before you were born!
    Tufting is something I'm very fond of, and you always see it in glamorous old movies in the homes of the very rich. It's become a little overdone though, thanks to Restoration Hardware, etc. But, what goes around comes around- looking forward to seeing what you do with your guest room!
    Dean *****