Friday, November 10, 2017

Things I Love

Now that I've finished the apartment (mostly), I've recently started focusing on my fitness and getting back in shape for summer. It isn't easy. I'm constantly reminded of the fact that beyond the necessity of muscles, the reason they're beautiful to look at it is probably because they're not fun or easy to gain.

Since I'm Type-A, and my focus is often target-oriented, you might find a few fitness related posts in the coming months. Just fair warning.

But today, I have some really awesome links for you to check out a few of my favorite things, now that Christmas is coming, and you're likely all hosting Thanksgiving or looking for hostess gifts.

1. My FAVORITE candle for this season: 

For the last few years I have not had a Christmas tree. There hasn't been a great place to set them up at the apartment, and before that I was focused on getting the tour trees done for the Lewiston Tour of Homes. This candle by Votivo is BETTER than a live Christmas tree in the house, and the smell is intoxicating. I promise you won't be disappointed, AND the box and limited edition mirrored candle cup make it wonderful for gifts. If you wanna buy me one, I'll send you my address! (hehehehe)

2. Oversized Linen Napkins

I've never found a better deal on these napkins, and they're beautiful. Pure linen with a beautiful hemstitch. These are oversized, and if you know me well, you know that I have a pet peeve about napkins that don't cover the lap. These do, and they set a gorgeous table, and are so much more beautiful than paper products (better for the environment, too!)

3. Linen Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail napkins in linen are also an inexpensive thing that can make any bar feel more welcoming and indulgent. If you're serving eggnog or cocktails at any of your holiday parties, I can guarantee that your guests will be impressed by these little ditties over paper products (also, better for the environment!) 

4. Silicone Tipped Chandelier Bulbs

If you're hosting dinner, or even a cocktail party, and you have a chandelier, you NEED these bulbs. They're particularly great if you don't have a dimmer installed, but they really add a touch of "candlelit" elegance to any chandelier and up the ambiance factor to 11! Check those out for sure! 

5. Fruits and Passions Coriander and Olive Tree Hand Soap

Don't forget that you're going to have lots of people in and out of your guest bathroom over the holidays. This amazing soap has a luxurious softness after the wash, and will leave your guests asking where you got it! I promise, all of mine do! They also sell the refill if you have your own soap dispenser, and you'll get a little more value for the buck: 

There you go! A few of my favorite things that I always have on hand and ready to go for dinners and other gatherings that my guests seem to really appreciate. What's wonderful about buying them on Amazon is that you have free shipping (with Prime) and you don't have to get mixed up in those crowds of people shopping for Tickle-Me-Elmo's ... is that still a thing? 


  1. Not for everybody, but personally I have found my FitBit to be a big kick in the pants. I can think I'm moving around, but the FitBit doesn't lie. It spits out how many steps taken and how many calories burned. I got one for a friend, who is similarly addicted now. There are worse things.

  2. I can never have too many fragrant soaps and candles around. Although, last night, the smell coming from my new plug-in diffuser was so powerful I had to unplug it. I thought I was sleeping inside a a seashell. Good luck with the fitness routine. I'm so glad I joined a hiking club because most times it doesn't feel like exercise. Sometimes it feels like a death march, though.

  3. I recently ordered a bottle of handsoap from Cucina via Amazon, and I absolutely love it! My daughter had experienced it at a bed and breakfast and passed along the name to me. Thanks for your blog and for all of the other favorites you brought to my attention.

  4. Is it me? There are no links to any of the Favorite Things. ???

  5. Hi Barbara, I just checked and they're working for me. Sorry about that!

  6. Hi Artie, great ideas and I love Amazon too! There are a few fitness apps I use that might work for you
    Map My Run and My Fitness Pal. Both are free and are easy to use. I am a runner but you can log in any type of exercise and the two apps link. They keep track of your calories and goals. It's amazing how much you have to work out to burn off a big me on this one ; ))) xo kelley