Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Who'da Thunk ...

This would be so hard?! 

I've been looking at houses for 4-months, and it's been exhausting! I remember watching those House Hunters shows on HGTV and thinking to myself, these people have no vision, they're picking this house apart - it's just paint! But honestly, I've become that person. Times ten! Nothing is right. Nothing has the feeling that I'm after, and that's honestly it, a "feeling".

I remember a house I looked at years ago, when I wasn't really in the market to buy, but I was intently curious about what the house looked like. It had a gorgeous staircase, a wonderful flow, and a every room was filled with glorious natural light. Of course the house sold, is no longer for sale, is in a place I wouldn't even consider living now, and there has been NOTHING else like it within my price point for the last 4-months.

I'm beginning to feel like Goldilocks, except the "just right" bed, chair, and porridge don't seem to be a part of my fairy tale.

Even papa bear is giving me the paw. 

In other news, I am working my fingers to the bone on a new collection of Cross Bottles that will be live for purchase on March 28th! It's been so much fun working on this group of beautiful bottles, the creative process has really kept my mind from going haywire with the house hunting process being such a disappointment, and my current apartment looking like ... well, looking terrible.

If you're a collector, make sure you hop on over to Cross Bottle Guy on the 28th to see the loot. Sneak-peeks at the end of the week!