Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Out with the old, in with the ... blue?

So, there were a few people who called it. "Artie, you're selling all of your things too soon - there's no way you're going to live in an empty apartment until you find a house." PSSSSSHHHHH!! Whatever, I thought. I know I can do it. Then slowly but surely the walls started to close in, and I felt more and more depressed every time I turned the key and walked inside. I went from thinking "Wow, this is freeing, and look at what I'm accomplishing" to "what in the hell have I done? I look like I'm living in squalor!" 

Truth is, the house hunt is drawing a lot out of me, and moreover, has been wholly disappointing. I haven't totally given up hope, but, I definitely feel like I'll be spending a bit more time in the apartment than I had hoped I would. There are lots of factors - many of them beyond my control - but at the end of the day all you can do is keep smiling, and do the best you can. 

That being said, I've started a redecoration of the apartment. I know, I know ... you're shaking your head, clinching your fists, and shaking your hands furiously at the screen! "Artie, what!? You'll never make it as beautiful as it once was." Eh ... that's not true. I mean, give me some credit people! I am however, on a limited budget (and do I ever mean LIMITED) for this redo, which has been fun ... a little maddening sometimes, but fun. 

I don't have much to share yet, but here are a few details you can bank on: BLUE! There will be A LOT of BLUE! I'm not sure why I dove right off the deep in and into the color blue, but I did, and in a big way. I've always been drawn to blue, and I think 80% of my closet is blue - if not more. But I never decorated with blue because it didn't work when I was living at my old house with the person who shall never be spoken of again because he's a class A idiot and doesn't deserve our attention. When I left that Godforsaken place, I just wanted everything to be bright and white and nothing at all like what it had been. In doing that, I sorta lost a bit of my zest for color and fun and pattern, and I settled into what was beautiful, but grew a bit boring. 

This, I promise you, is ANYTHING but boring, and I'm not even 1/2 way there! I think it has the potential to be one of the most beautiful rooms I've ever designed. Also, it's only the living and dining room. The other rooms will stay mostly as they were ... a little less styled, but useful. To hell with pulling that fabric off the walls in the bedroom! Nuh-uh - that's staying up there, no matter how much I grow tired of it. 

I've captured a few inspiration photos (below) to share what's been on my mind and what I've found inspiring and beautiful these last few weeks while I've started curating this new space.  I'm headed to Texas for the weekend to visit my nephew and his folks, but new fabric and lighting should be waiting for me when I return, and I hope to have some sneak peek updates for you next week! Til then ... enjoy!

Design by Miles Redd

Design by Alex Papachristidis

Design by Mark D. Sikes 

Ralph Lauren Home - Elizabeth Street Lifestyle Collection

Design by Janet Gridley

Design by Aerin Lauder

Design by Thom Filicia

Design by Howard Slatkin

Ralph Lauren Home for House Beautiful "American Rustic"

Design by Nanenette Brown

Design by Howard Slatkin

Ralph Lauren Home - Elizabeth Street Lifestyle Collection

Design by Celerie Kemble

Ralph Lauren Home - Winter Harbour Lifestyle Collection