Friday, April 20, 2018

Coveritis Cured

Sneak Peek at the Living Room Redo

In 2011, my friend Joni blogged about a word: CoveritisThe definition varies, but the idea is that coveritis is a condition one suffers when they strive to always be ready for a photo that will land them on the cover of a magazine. Coveritis is a serious condition, that can lead to bankruptcy, divorce, and blog decimation. I'm sorta not kidding. 

I will FULLY admit that I suffered from an extreme case of coveritis. It was bad. Like medical textbook - youTube video bad! When I decorated my apartment the first time, my main goal was to be affirmed by the glossy pages of a magazine. That, dear friends, never happened. So, when I sold all of that to embark on the house-purchase journey which now seems as though it's just not destined to be, I decided that the next iteration of design in my home will be for me. If people like it, great! If they don't, so what - I'm the only one who lives here - and the dogs like what I tell them to like

So, with a meager budget (I'm still saving for the house that may fall out of the sky) I've started to redesign the space, making room for a Cross Bottle studio that is desperately needed since I gave up my lease at the art space I had been making them in. After a lot of work, and a lot of searching, it's finally starting to come together - and boy is it different! 

Bold. Blue. Beautiful. 

I'll hopefully have a few photos for you in the coming days - but you can always check out my Instagram for pics! This weekend's chores include: building a wall (yep, a real wall!) and making slipcovers for the chairs on either side of the fireplace! Wish me luck!