Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Journey Thru Peru

Has there ever been a place you've longed to go? A trip you've put on your "bucket list" and just know one day you'll visit? For me, that list is long, and the places at the top of the list are constantly being shuffled, but without a doubt, Peru has remained in the top 3.

This past February, I finally bit the bullet after my best friend Michael told me he would be going to South America on holiday alone. "Would you like company in Peru?" I asked. "Of course!" He said. So, the credit cards came out, the planning commenced, and this Friday morning Michael and I will be leaving for Peru together!

We start in Lima, staying in Miraflores for a few days while we tour Lima and enjoy a "free day" before heading off to Cusco. We'll definitely be seeing Parque del Amor, or Lovers Park. I'll have to get great pictures here for Tyler.

It's immediately adjacent the Pacific Ocean, and has some stunning views. We'll also see Huaca Pucilana, an ancient ruin in the inner-city.

A small downtown tour of the city center, and then Plaza Mayor, Cathedral of Lima, and the Convent of Santo Domingo.

The Larco Museum is on our list in Lima, before we head off to enjoy some Pisco sours.  Then we'll end the first day there at the Magic Water Circuit at Aguas Frescas.

Then we are off to Cusco.

In Cusco, more group tours (we figured this was the best way to go about seeing Peru) and then a train to Machu Picchu.

The train ride is a little more than 3-hours, through dense mountains and rain forest. But, it's in this car with a glass roof and sides which should make it a bit more pleasurable.

We'll stay in Auguas Calientes where they have natural hot spring pools for lounging. I'm still anxious about this part. They're not particularly hygienic, but it's billed as being therapeutic and restorative. We'll see how adventurous I become.

One thing I'm definitely looking forward to is visiting the Alpaca, and purchasing a few Alpaca blankets for the "new" place. Look at how cute these little guys are! If you've ever been to Peru, please leave comments below! I'd love to read about things you did - particularly in Cusco, Lima, and Machu Picchu!

Can't wait to get back and share with all of you the pictures I'll take on this journey! See you when I get back!


  1. Artie!
    Fabu trip! Have fun! Have not been, but another friend has- and loved it.
    We have a former first lady of Bolivia as a client- she is like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Sofia Vergara! Ooh la la !

  2. Sorry, former Miss Bolivia ! :)

  3. What an amazing trip! Hope you have the best time!

  4. One of my favorite countries! One thing we loved in Lima that is not on your list is a market tour and an in-home cooking class. We did this via Sky Kitchen, cooking and eating Peruvian classics. It was a good way to get acquainted with the city and some of the classic dishes if you have the time. Other than that, there are so many great restaurants - we ate at Canta Rana (classic ceviche), Central (our favorite), La Barra Casa Moreyra (the more casual side of Astrid y Gaston) and Maido (Nikkei food). Also, loved wandering around the Barranco neighborhood and going to Mate (Mario Testino's gallery).

    In Cusco, we liked Limo for dinner but did not like MAP if that has been recommended to you (the museum itself is interesting, though). We stayed at the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas, which is an amazing hotel. If you're not staying there, I'd book a massage there if you have the time (the treatment rooms are actually over an Inca wall and have glass floors, so you're looking at that while you're getting your massage, and of course the massage itself was great).

    Outside of Machu Picchu, in the Sacred Valley, there are some other amazing sites like the salt mines and Moray too (we also stayed in the valley at Tambo del Inka as a jumping off point for Machu Picchu b/f going to Cusco to get acclimated to the altitude and liked this hotel a lot as well).

    1. Awesome suggestions! THANK YOU! Sounds like you had an incredible trip! Thank you so much for the dining suggestions!