Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Book Review: Dior and his Decorators

I've been stacking up the books for book reviews this fall and winter season, knowing that so many of us are going to be fighting the unwelcoming and blistering cold temperatures outside, with a hot cup of coffee and a really good book inside. So keep watch for the book reviews that'll be coming forth soon! They're lovely and wonderful and sure to bring you lots of great suggestions for the perfect books to spend time with this winter!

Dior and His Decorators is an amazing book for anyone who loves fashion and interior design. The tome covers the work of the two interior designers who most closely associated with Christian Dior, Victor Grandpierre and Georges Geffroy. Grandpierre designed Dior's first couture house, not only the interiors, but the entire template for the iconic Dior brand, the typeface, logo, and packaging!

Grandpierre and Geffroy worked independently of one another, however, the two in tandem, are responsible for the brilliant interiors of the New York townhouse many of us have pinned or blogged about or simply coveted for years. Christian Dior passed away in 1957, but the designs of the two men who outfitted his lavish lifestyle went on to grace the homes and salons of Yves Saint Laurent, Marcel Rochas, Gloria Guinness, Daisy Fellowes, and Maria Callas.

Let's take a look inside the book, shall we?

More than fashion and design, there is a rich history woven through the words of Maureen Footer about Dior, Geffroy, and Grandpierre. A history that has culminated in a luxurious fashion house that still exists today, and decor that is ever inspiring - proving that timelessness does exist, if you know how to get it just right. 

A great gift for the fashionista, or decorista - and a beautiful coffee table book, too! Better yet, a book that will always be inspiring, interesting, and thoroughly enjoyed. Take a closer look and grab your copy via the Amazon link below:

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