Monday, December 9, 2019

My Christmas List: PART ONE

So it seems like everyone is doing a Christmas list of goodies from around the internet. I often find them helpful, but know what sort of work goes into one of these things, particularly when you're trying to find links to send someone to the right place instead of on a wild goose chase. But, cause I love ya, I've made sure they all work and you're all set. So, without further ado - let's take a look at the 2019 Christmas List I think you and THEY will love!

The perfect candle. This is something I burn year round, and actually have going right now! Capri Blue Volcano is the quintessential scent of Anthropologie. If you've ever been in a store, walked by a store, or probably thought of a store - it's the scent that accompanies those experiences. It's sweet, and citrus-y, but has enough of an earthy balance to be a favorite scent all year long! It's my favorite candle, and has been for years! Definitely a must buy for the person on your list who loves home. 

If you're a seasonal scent person, and are looking for the perfect Christmas or winter fragrance, look no further. The luxury scents of Votivo brand candles are beyond enticing. They burn clean, and are wonderfully fragrant. This ICY WHITE PINE scent is my favorite. It's a hint of balsam without feeling like you're smelling a Christmas tree into February, you know? Sometimes you want that clean forest winter smell without feeling like you should be unboxing decorations! 

I finally have a patio/outdoor space that's all ours in 2020, and I couldn't be more excited. It's made me begin to think of all the pretty planters and pots that I'll need come Spring. Of course, you could use these beautiful footed vessels for anything year-round. A fruit bowl, a place to put your keys, you could plant succulents or an orchid in them, top with moss ... 

They're just really interesting and  that's not easy to find at that price point! So if you know someone who loves to garden, or just loves to have pretty and interesting things - these are worth a go! 

Who doesn't need a good looking tote bag? I mean, I'm sure there are some manly-men types who are going to rail against this, but for most of us, having a sizable grocery bag or tote in the car is a great idea. Sure, you can keep your reusable grocery bags in there, but what about when you have a party you're going to, or you just need a bag on the fly. Look sharp and put together all the time by keeping one of these lovelies in your car! Makes a great gift, too.

Another thing that's great to have on hand, but that also makes a great gift - linen napkins. I love these hemstitch options in various shades of linen, white, even dark wintergreen. Trust me, it's something people love and want they never think to get themselves. So if you're looking for a gift idea, make these a part of it, and if you're just wishing you had some - 'tis the Season to TREAT YO SELF!

Another relatively inexpensive idea that everyone wants, the YETI. I have to admit, I thought that this was a crazy thing, but then I got this little guy: 

And I fell in love. They've got some great sophisticated color options too, that don't feel too youthful.

We all spend too much time on our phones, right? I mean, we don't want to admit it - and like any good addict we look around and point the finger at someone who uses it more than we do - BUT it's true. WE SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON OUR PHONES, me included. I used to feel tethered to it literally with the cords jumbled everywhere, but then I found this little guy that we now have by the bed. Lightning fast charging, and no more messy cords. Plus, having my phone charging by the bed means that I can be hands free, phone free, stress free somewhere else in the house ... that it until I can't handle being without it. LOL! 

Back to candles, I know. But I thought that these were a great gift idea and the others I thought were a great idea for you! Know someone you went to College with, or who moved away? Still keep in touch and looking for the right thing to buy them? Maybe it's a sister or a brother who got a job out of state and has raised their family in North Carolina while you and yours are still in New York? Well, these Homesick candles are practically for any place you can think of, and are a sweet and thoughtful gift for the person you love. Even if they're not homesick, maybe you're wishing they were home. A great gift for the Mom and Dad's out there who have kids away at college! 

Truth here, this is something I want for Christmas. The new place has granite counters, and I don't have a large cutting board like this anymore. So I'm putting it here in the hopes that my Santa will see it, BUT also because it's a great price and I can tell you I'm not the only one hoping for one of these babies this year! 

These are great stocking stuffers. I want to buy the NAG NOTE for myself! LOL! Little post-it like sticky notes that are pre-printed with a fun header. Yes, definitely buying the nag notes for you-know-who.

There you go - part one! I'll have part two up on Friday. 

OH!!!! And, before I forget. 

I have a very limited number of Cross Bottles available on sale over at Cross Bottle Guy if you're looking for handmade gifts this year! And you can always peruse my instagram for art! 

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