Friday, December 13, 2019

My Christmas List: Part Two

If you missed Part One, it's good! Check it out, here - or just keep scrolling down. There's some really good stuff!

So we all have that guy (or girl) in our life that we never know what to buy. Birthday, Christmas they all are sort of lost on us because they're just entirely too hard to buy for. For me, it's those guy's guys that I just can't ever relate to. My brother-in-law, primarily. He's a big beer guy, brews his own, (and it's very good incidentally) but I always just find myself bringing him beer as a gift. Practical because I know he's going to drink it, but boring because it's something he's already bought himself. I found myself lost again this year wondering what to buy him, when I stumbled across this Yeti COOZIE! I didn't even know they made these things!?!?!? He will love it, and it comes in assorted colors you can choose, all for $25 which is our "family threshold". I had to start off Part Two of my Christmas list with this, because I feel like we all have that person in our lives that we know would LOVE one of these, and it makes for a great gift that they'll use and appreciate. 

The Fire TV Stick turns any regular television into a smart television. If you don't already have a smart TV, I definitely suggest one of these little units, which plugs into an HDMI port in your television and allows you access to HULU, Netflix, Amazon TV and more. 

For the person who has EVERYTHING! They definitely don't have a fresh box of French macarons! 

We could all use a little more humor in our lives. 

Ever have that moment where you wonder if you cut the iron off? Not sure that you turned on the crock pot? Smart plugs are the solution for these little nuisances that usually require a special trip home to check. You can turn the power on or off to the appliance plugged into these adapters with your smartphone. 

I ordered this for myself this Christmas! LOL! Tis' the Season, right? But seriously, I've had an immersion blender for a long time and I love it. When I saw this package, which is essentially an immersion blender with attachments that allow you to have a power whisk, food processor, bullet, and blender all in one? For $40?!?! YES! I'm all about space saving in a tiny kitchen, and I think this is going to be so fantastic! Thought you might love it, too! 

Nest Candles have the sweetest packaging, I love them! The 2oz votives are relatively inexpensive, and very fragrant. Holiday is my fave. 

I got these last year for Christmas, and I will NEVER have another set of wired headphones again. 

Mark is working on two new books right now, but his first book "Beautiful" is still a top seller, and is filled with great decorating ideas and advice. I highly recommend it. 

Splurge on your cuddle time with this gorgeous cashmere throw! 

Love a large tote for grocery shopping, farmers markets, bringing things to parties I'm not hosting. This one is great! Love the stripes! 

Alright, this combined with Part One (keep scrolling) are my offerings to the endless lists on the internet this year for good gift ideas! I hope you find at least one thing you'll love for you or someone else, and above all - that you'll have a wonderful holiday season with the people you love!