Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators: My Take Episode 4

Has it really been 4 episodes? And is it just me, or are they getting better? I love it when we get to see the designers doing what they do best, and getting a peak at their inner workings and methods along the way. As you already know, Mary is hands down, my favorite designer on the series ... though Kathryn is quickly becoming a close second ... and we got to see Mary spend $50K on a home office for boutique clothing designer Jill Roberts.

Mary really does love herself a bold patterned floor. Take a look at these other painted and patterned floors from her portfolio:

But I mean, look at the before of the room above:
She had to do something! And after hearing that the floor in Jill's office cost $8,000(GASP!!) it's still cheaper than tile.
This magazine shot is actually from the house that we got to see in the first episode. You remember, the one that went up on the market after Mary did the guest house? Love this photo SO much more than the ones in the real estate photos I showed on my first post about the house.

Now, I hate to say this, but as sure as I do, someone will say I don't know what I'm talking about ... but I think that this whole room was fake, staged for the show. Hear me out ... I just find it interesting that the room isn't quite what you'd think of when you think of Mary ... and some of the furniture she used in the office looks exactly like furniture from her own rooms she designed years earlier in DIFFERENT homes ... take a look:

 Sure, she said she had an office chair just like that on the show ... but isn't that a little convenient?
Do those chairs look familiar to you? And for someone so well published to be completely without those pictures somewhere on the WWW, it's a little ... well, odd. For me, anyway. I'm going to give it some more thought, and if I find any truth to the story, I'll fork it over for sure!

Then Kathryn worked with her client, who quite honestly, is just a little too high maintenance for me. We don't really get the jist of the project from the tape, but 6 to 8 weeks, DOES seem unreasonable for the amount of work that they want to do for the space. It'll be interesting to see it come together - and to see if Kathryn doesn't reach across the table and pull Shannon's hair out!

JAM throws a party for Ross, and Kathryn says that her birthday present to Ross is in the driveway? What the hell!? I don't have anyone who leaves me birthday presents in the DRIVEWAY! Except for my dogs Abby and D ... but those aren't the kind of 'presents' I think she's talking about. All the lovey-dovey JAM/Ross interactions made me admire their relationship (UNTIL) they showed previews of next weeks episode and Ross feverishly throws his hair into a scrunchie after JAM essentially tells him he's more talented. Ah - a true gay relationship comes to the forefront! Ha-ha!

Oh, and how could I forget, Martyn. I'd die to work with the client list he has ... but I wonder if this is shameless promotion? It's becoming this " look at how many celebrities I know " thing, which if you watched and can remember 'Material World' he had the same sort of schtick. So, tonight we get to see him play with Jimmy Choo's (yes, we're all jealous) and next week, Daisy Fuentes? Ah, do you think the Obama's interviewed him before they chose Michael Smith?

If they did, I'm sure we'll hear about it at the reunion! See you FRIDAY with a few pics of the pergola. (It's finally finished!) Til' then - happy decorating. Oh, and a BIG BIG thank you to my friend, Joni of Cote de Texas who featured my trumeau project (tutorial coming soon) today on her blog. Run over and check it out:


  1. I really enjoyed the last episode! Happy to see more design! I missed Nathan though, hope his work is featured next week. Definitely getting easier to watch... we are now used to the "characters" so they are seeming softer and less nasty. I do not think Kathryn and Shannon Factor are a good pair. Did they pay Shannon to act so annoying and weird? Did not enjoy the segments with them and I want to see more of Kathryn's work!

  2. I watched this for 1st time last night and was highly entertained - that wild floor would drive me CRAZZZY!! And I don't think ANY of those Jimmy Ch shoes/bags showed up at all on that busy bookshelf! Can't wait to see the 6-8 week project come to fruition - that is if she doesn't kill her client first!

  3. I think the show is getting better too. I just love it and could watch another hour, time flies.
    I saw your mirror at Joni's and you did a great job! I can't wait to see your pergola. :)

  4. Did I miss the house tour of your redo or haven't you revealed it yet?

  5. the last time I commented here about the show I said I didn't love it.... I am here with my tail between my legs to say I was SO WRONG!!! Several days after my aforementioned comment I watched the second show again and it all gelled for me and became crystal clear and I loved it!! I love Mary (she's my favorite too, so we'll have to share her as our BFF!) No one who is really a diva would surround themselves with assistants that don't listen and always give their different opinions. A real diva would have "yes" people around them. I think she is hysterical, like Jeff Lewis smart funny... dry- I love that!
    I like the other characters too and really enjoyed last night's episode. You are a very good slewth-after reading your commentary and seeing the photos I think you are right. Especially after listening to SRT and hearing that they have real clients and show clients.
    And for the record, I hope Kathyrn clocks the client too- what a pain! oh, and she was totally joking about the car in the driveway.

    hope you and Scott are well!

  6. I've saved this episode on my dvr to watch tonight. I love your take on everyone. Add the gift of story telling to your many talents!


  7. I just popped over from through Cecilia of the blog Desde me Ventana! And I am so glad I did! I really am impressed by the beauty of it!! Lots of inspirational posts!
    Greetings from Belgium!

  8. Great post! We are bananas for that seagrass stair runner. Thanks!

  9. One of my pet peeves is focal point floors... I just don't like them ever. Do love watching Mary though...