Monday, June 2, 2014

Weightloss Update

Some of you have emailed and commented asking about my weight loss progress, so I thought I'd do a quick update with some numbers and goals ... just to keep you all updated. The photo above, is of me, today.

The grand total of pounds lost as of this morning is 84 pounds!

I have another 22 pounds to lose before I feel like I've accomplished my main goal, however, I am extremely excited and happy with my progress thus far.

I used the Paleo Diet program for the first 50 pounds lost, and have since moved to a more suitable lifestyle change for the additional 34 pounds, and hopefully will be able to lose the last 22 pounds with this as well. Lean meats, vegetables, and fruits, along with limited dairy and fats has been easy to stick to, and my work out routine easy to keep.

It's a journey, that I know to be true, and there have been uphill climbs and downhill slides ... but the overall contribution to my health and my well being has been exponential. Thanks for indulging me by reading and commenting on these posts that have absolutely nothing to do with interior design. 

We'll be up and operating on that front again, very soon!