Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Book Review: Freemans

Freemans: Food and Drink, Interiors, Grooming, Style
By Taavo Somer with David Goggins
Published by Harper Design

This may seem a bit of a departure from my typical book review, but it's really not. It's still a book about creativity, art, and passion! Indeed, Freemans: Food and Drink, Interiors, Grooming, Style is a brilliant book all about Freemans, the iconic New York City brand now expanded to include restaurants, a barbershop, menswear shop, and bespoke tailor - all from the creative mind of Taavo Somer. 

Taavo is a designer and architect, living in Manhattan. His projects are vast, and have been covered in GQ, Architectural Digest, Vogue, and Time Magazine. 

If you live in NYC, or if you have an occasion to visit, you may know of Freemans Restaurant already. Nestled in Manhattan's Lower East Side, the restaurant is a beautiful space of rustic modern decor, with a fantastic menu! The now hot spot was the jump off to Taavo's vision for dining, which has now expanded to bar/restaurants in Williamsburg and the West Village. 

Freemans showcases the interiors of these spaces, as well as the classic, tailored menswear, barbershop, and food and drink that comprise Taavo's empire. 

Truly, a comprehensive look into Taavo Somer's Freemans world, Taavo reveals the inspiration behind the brand, sharing the story of his evolution as an architect and designer, and his rural Pennsylvania upbringing.

If you're a fan of the Freemans brand, have an entrepreneurial spirit, or if you simply have an appreciation for unique interiors, give this book a look, and purchase your copy via the Amazon link below: