Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Upholstery Genius: Grant Trick

I'm convinced that Birmingham, Alabama is a place I need to move. First, Instagram introduced me to the talented artist and designer William Rankin-McLure, who I have blogged about here, here, and here. The Birmingham based designer has been a go-to inspiration source for me since I've moved into my new place, especially since he too moved around the same time into a swanky downtown Birmingham loft. 

Now Instagram has introduced me to another Birmingham talent, Grant Trick. Grant is the genius behind the drapery and upholstery projects seen in tons of shelter magazines, including this most recent spread on a Betsy Brown space in Veranda: 

I don't know what they're feeding to the boys in Birmingham, but they're talented and gorgeous and it just doesn't seem fair. 

I have long said that we give designers credit that is mostly due to their trades. Designers have great vision for spaces, but without talented trades-persons who can put that vision into tangible things, we would never be able to see them in magazines, books, etc.. Living in Buffalo where there are very few upholsterers who will take your project, let alone do a great job with it, I'm inspired by young artists like Grant who are keeping the art of upholstery and soft furnishings, custom and otherwise, alive and vibrant. 

I've collected a few pictures from his Instagram page, which you can see here, to show some of my favorite pieces: 

The ottomans featured in the Betsy Brown house above, custom. Love those legs! 

Pillows from Mohair with a beautiful custom trim. 

Incredibly elaborate slipcover with dressmakers details for an antique gilded chair.

Custom banquette with nailhead trim. 

Custom mohair and bullion fringe tufted banquettes. 

Grant is young, but already has an impressive resume. He started working as a clothing designer in NYC, before realizing that he was really more invested in the build and design process. Then he designed windows and displays for Tiffany & Co., Levi's, and Nautica. Eventually, he spent time with the San Francisco based Trickey Studio, where he learned the art and industry of custom interior furnishings. His southern roots took him back home to Alabama, where he now owns and operates a studio of his own, known regionally for providing the best pieces possible for designers and commercial spaces. 

You can find more of his work on his website, www.granttrick.com or by following along with him on Instagram


  1. OH! Great post for starting off 2017 Artie! Thanks for sharing - and happy NY !

  2. Oh my! Best slipcover ever!!!!! At first I didn't realize it was the same chair, front and back, but it is!! I wonder what Grant would do with those old timey Victorian velvet his/her chairs? I have two (and a sofa) that I'll do something with one day. I think you should move Artie; I have friends there to welcome you :)

  3. Gorgeous; thank you for the intro!

  4. I am blown away by his slipcover detail!!! How wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!!

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